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Discover the gift of a brave heart

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow reflects on the truth

This year I would like to say that there is a new wind blowing across our planet, and that wind does not only contain a virus. It also includes an extraordinary quest for truth. With more and more confusing directives from the authorities of this world, we start to ask more questions about truth. A long time ago, I attended a class with Neale Donald Walsch called 'Living from the Source,' and one of the gifts I took away from that course was a more enlightened view of the truth. I grasped a more refined version of the different kinds of truths that exist in planetary life. Neale said that there are three elements of truth, and I can align with that idea. We know that the myriads and labyrinths of lies can be extreme – farfetched. Certainly, this year, we have become more aware of the lies behind the theatre curtains as the spotlight is switched on with an intensity of a cabaret spotlight in a dark and troubled world.

Enough ranting about lies. Let us go back to the truth and the three versions of it. So, the first one is the factual truth, which is easy to understand. It is like, ‘It is raining’. If this is not a hallucination, or an obnoxious conspiracy theory, if it is raining when you say it is raining, this is a factual truth. Then we come to the second aspect of truth, and that is our personal truth. How can a truth be personal, you might want to ask yourself? Yes, indeed, that is a helpful question. It means that depending on your personal inner reality and the life experience you have, you will see an event in the outer world from a completely different perspective than someone who has a different personal view on reality. For example, if your grandmother played a significant role in your life with love and care, you would hold the truth of a loving elderly woman in your heart. You would be able to recall the scent of cinnamon buns in the kitchen and her compassionate ears listening to your young worries. Her expansive heart would be a companion on your path in life long after she left this earthly dimension.

If, on the contrary, your grandmother played a cold and distant role in your life, and you feared her as a child, you would have a completely different experience with your grandmother.

Based on these two different personal experiences, the view of an old woman slowing down traffic while crossing the road would not be seen in the same light. The first person would possibly take a moment to reconnect with love in their heart. Pause in the traffic jam to recall the beauty of his or her grandmother, maybe even the aroma of the cinnamon buns and the warmth of her golden heart.

The second person would most likely get agitated, reflect on this world's coldness, and curse old people slowing him down on his busy passage through life. Maybe even curse and shout and infuse himself or herself with anger and frustration in a stressful morning traffic jam. This is what is called our personal truth, and this is HOW we interpret things depending on our own personal experience and state of heart and mind.

Then we have the third truth which is the higher, and this we may call spiritual truth. This kind of truth is most easily understood by those who have some sort of faith and believe there is a deeper meaning to life. At least something more meaningful than just eat, work, and die. The higher truth means that even though we do not see clearly that something magnificent is about to happen as we go through a difficult period of transition in life, the higher truth holds a gift. Hidden in a seemingly disastrous event, the higher truth keeps a gift for you, and me, and humanity at large. It is no coincidence that we have the expression a blessing in disguise. I would like to say that the higher truth is equal to a blessing in disguise as it is God's plan, the divine agenda that will always be for the good of life and for us all. So, if it is not all right, it is not the end of the world. That is why this year reminds us all that reality goes far beyond fiction. The movie dreams have finally moved into the mainstream reality of our daily lives. Wow, how exciting could it be? Let us all hold our fingers crossed for more truth and pray that the good, the true, and the beautiful will prevail. Let us all breathe to the drum beat of truth as we reclaim our birthright to breathe freely, deeply, and lovingly.

So why is it then that truth is so far out of reach? It is worth reflecting on the love of truth versus the fear of lies. Or should we call it the love of lies? Paradoxically, this has been one of the central enigmas to crack this year for anyone interested in human psychology. Why do we, as humans, love and attach to lies more than we love and stick to the truth? A tough question to answer as most people who cling to, and love, lies believe those lies to be true. Or at least it is a soothing place to rest your thoughts, your life, and your breath in the hands of others. Why is it then that there is more security and a sense of comfort in giving your all to a source of lies outside yourself? And why is it that so many people reject, curse, condemn, and are even outraged by the freedom embedded in any truth? Could it be as simple as that in lies there is fear, and in truth, there is love? I would like to say that yes, this is a simple truth. We have been programmed, conditioned, fed by fear for so long that we feel the safest in fear. It is as if FEAR contains security. It is as if you embrace fear you are safe from danger.

On the other hand, truth is a whole other scenario. Truth is a rare commodity, and we have not been accustomed to the truth. The truth has been hidden, mystified, cursed, made ugly, and, most of all, the truth is unknown territory. Anything unknown makes us feel shaky and unsafe. The irony is that the truth is so rare that we do not know the hidden gift it holds—the most magnificent gift of all, the gift of a brave heart. So, let us all raise our voices and call out for a world free of lies.

Let us join the chorus of FREEDOM.



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