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« I was really blessed and grateful to receive a healing from Katarina. Her analysis is amazing and spot on. She can get to the corners of the layers of your soul. She touches the long-buried issues we tend to drag along that aren't solved deep within our souls. She takes you on a healing journey with accuracy, and I am blessed to have experienced it. Thank you, Katarina » Sophie (Belgium)

« I had a session with Katarina over a decade ago and the healing result is still current; as if I worked with Katarina yesterday. » Debra (USA)

« Since Katarina performed the healing, I feel so much lighter. I feel liberated from the emotional pains that weighed on me so heavily. The weight has fallen off my shoulders, and it has created a lot of empty space that I can now use for positive and exciting projects and, most of all, to bring out and show my true self. Thank you also for telling me some truths that I found pretty hard to hear, but that was necessary for me to be aware of completely letting go of things that no longer serve me. I am more and more able to stand in my inner power and to be ultimately myself. It is wonderful, so thank you! » Erika (Mexico)

« I am fortunate to know Katarina as a healer. She is blessed with quite extraordinary intuitive power, but that is only a part of the story. I have simply never met a more empathetic or a more patient human being. Nor anybody more able to more clearly communicate the sheer ineluctable logic of the spiritual. In recent months she has walked with me down some of the darkest roads that I have ever known. Mapping the path with clarity and guiding my footsteps with certainty. All the while calming my soul with generosity and kindness. Thank you. »
Peter (England)

« I had the pleasure of receiving Katarina's unique talent for a session of shadows and lights. A reading in braille on the rough surface of my life. She was reading the scars and the sweets moments of the events that marked my existence. The most troubling was Katarina's particular perception, who manages to identify hybrid forms and decode them into concrete elements directly related to my past. I must admit that for specific details, she couldn't possibly pretend. Based on a photo, Katarina travels in parallel universes, highlights images that appear to her, and translates them. It's a kind of "quantum" translation of "my life," precise. Moreover, when Katarina comes across negative links or obscure things, she removes them from the place where it happens to be. For me, it was a beautiful and rich experience. Thank you. »
Philippe (Belgium)


« The two healings I had with Katarina allowed me to let my inner Light bloom and connect with who I really am by expressing my potential much more. From the first session, I noticed a change in my internal feelings and in my capacity to be in connection with my relatives and in my professional relationships. Wounds were healed and it gave me the strength to explore other brakes, to understand them with my heart and to draw strength from them. I wanted to continue with a second session. How many things have changed in my life, concretely !! Katarina sees the internal obstacles represented by symbols and she removes them. It allows us to understand what is playing in us and gives us a perspective of evolution. It allows us to open the doors to our buried treasures so that we can dispose of them in broad daylight. Thank you Katarina for all of this progress with me. » Catherine (France)


« A big thank you to Katarina for her so precious "care of the soul", which I really noticed, one week after the intervention, with visualizations of lights, and two months later, all the benefits on all the planes: regeneration, optimism, lighter and more relaxed sexuality, less control, greater affirmation of myself in my work: oh yes, what a joy to finally dare to love myself. » Pascal (France)


« Katarina's healing power is profoundly transformative. I felt completely released from my inner 'Pain Body'. After many years of working on myself, I finally felt free to be me. It is a blessing to have encountered her and to have benefited from her healing light. » Berith (Sweden)

« I had the immense privilege to cross the path of Katarina and benefiting from an intuitive healing consultation. I do not have the words to express my infinite gratitude when it comes to it all. The relevance, the correctness, and all that Katarina transmitted to me gave me unspeakable well-being. For more than a year, I had been suffering from intense leg pain, and after the treatment, for the first time, I started running on the beach with my granddaughter without feeling the slightest pain. It was immeasurable happiness. Again Thank you so much, Katarina. » Colette (France)

« I feel like an open book. Suddenly, the emotions I had locked away and barriers I had built up were gone. Within a week, I feel like I've run a marathon of emotions. I'm like an open book with blank pages because Katarina removed the spelling mistakes and replaced the pages I had torn away with new, blank ones. Then she gave me a pen and said, go ahead, re-write those pages, if you want, or tear them out again if you prefer. I'm open to the unknown, and this was, without doubt, the most mind-spinning, chest lifting experience I've had. Try, just send Katarina a message and try. She has my full respect, trust, and referral—one word: unknown. » Erik (Sweden)


« It took Katarina's "eyes" to reveal wounds that were sometimes well hidden, undetectable to me. Rich in its light, I pursue my path and entrusts to the Earth, during my meditations, my wounds, and my fears. Thus lightened, there is more room in my heart for Love. I warmly thank Katarina. » Philippe (Belgien)


« A friend of mine recommended Katarina for the excellent work she does as an intuitive healer. So I decided to book a session. Katarina does her intuitive healing work from a distance an invites you later to explain what she found. I must say that I am more than thrilled concerning the results of her work. Since her intervention, I have several issues that have been solved. My ankle, for instance, has been hurting me for more than a year. I went to several doctors, but it was only after the session with Katarina that I no longer feel any pain. Also on a professional level, I feel more precise about the direction I want to go and realize that I am taking action with much more ease. Thank you, Katarina for a great job. » Wim (Belgien)


« I contacted Katarina, essentially to get rid of recurring migraines that I have had for years. During the appointment we had after the initial healing from a distance, she explained the visions she had based on my photo. It was both surprising (these visions are very symbolic) and comforting. Katarina was liberating me from my past. Since then, I have reread the written transcript of her visions carefully, and their illuminating aspect makes me understand more. I feel "undone" and I have not had a migraine since. I have no idea how all this can work, and I decided it was of little importance. » Laurence (Belgien)

« My experience with Katarina Winslow as a healer has been amazing. I could never have imagined that healing could have such a positive impact on my life and how it has changed many things in my life. Thank you. » Honey (Sweden) 


« If you look for your uniqueness and full potential, Katarina could be your trigger to reveal your congruence path. Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. » Nicolas (Belgien)  


« A huge thank you to Katarina Winslow for everything you did for me. You are a wonderful person who helps others a lot on their life path. » Teodora (Belgien) 


« It is a privilege having met Katarina and having been helped to move on by that incredible light and goodness that radiates from her. It is an immense relief, and I am so happy that I dare to have trust in the process of life again. » Eva (Sweden) 


« I can tell you that whatever it is that Katarina does and however it is that she does it, it works. I crossed a bridge and found myself a calmer, happier and better person on the other side. » James (Scotland)


« Working with Katarina was like standing in a shower of light rays from the sun. I felt lighter and freer almost magically. I recommend her process to anyone. » Kristin (US) 


« I feel lovely since the healing. Each day I feel freer, and I have a little more desire to make the right nutritional choices to become friends with my body. I have arranged my schedule to go to the pool next week; in the meantime, I imagine myself in the water - it is delightful. Unlike before, I don't feel sad that my mother doesn't have a benevolent approach to me - that is a first! I believe that I have never met someone as kind and genuine as you. Your truth has opened me to an incredibly bright and exciting world in which I have my place — a world where the energy is infinite as if the lack no longer exist. Thank you. » 
Valériane (Switzerland)

« Katarina’s healing was one of the most powerful encounters I have had so far in my life. Her presence, meeting her, having the opportunity to talk and share the time after the healing itself with her was a very warm and nourishing experience in itself. However, unusual or weird, it might sound, though, and believe me. If you had asked me to say something like this or consider something like this at all before, I would have most probably stopped by thinking, ah, pretty arrogant, or overly self-centered, or something alike. It was not Katarina herself whose presence charmed me; I got under every inch of my skin - meeting my true self. The healing and Katarina’s way of guiding me through it was the initiation to my sleeping self. It was my awakening. So many doorways opened, so many things have completely different colors ever since, all those new dimensions and perspectives. Thank you, Katarina. » Elisa (Belgium)

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