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« A big thank you to Katarina for her so precious "care of the soul", which I really noticed, one week after the intervention, with visualizations of lights, and two months later, all the benefits on all the planes: regeneration, optimism, lighter and more relaxed sexuality, less control, greater affirmation of myself in my work: oh yes, what a joy to finally dare to love myself. » Pascal (France)


« Katarina's healing power is profoundly transformative. I felt completely released from my inner 'Pain Body'. After many years of working on myself, I finally felt free to be me. It is a blessing to have encountered her and to have benefited from her healing light. » Berith (Sweden)


« It took Katarina's "eyes" to reveal wounds that were sometimes well hidden, undetectable to me. Rich in its light, I pursue my path and entrusts to the Earth, during my meditations, my wounds, and my fears. Thus lightened, there is more room in my heart for Love. I warmly thank Katarina. » Philippe (Belgien)


« A friend of mine recommended Katarina for the excellent work she does as an intuitive healer. So I decided to book a session. Katarina does her intuitive healing work from a distance an invites you later to explain what she found. I must say that I am more than thrilled concerning the results of her work. Since her intervention, I have several issues that have been solved. My ankle, for instance, has been hurting me for more than a year. I went to several doctors, but it was only after the session with Katarina that I no longer feel any pain. Also on a professional level, I feel more precise about the direction I want to go and realize that I am taking action with much more ease. Thank you, Katarina, for a great job. » Wim (Belgien)


« I contacted Katarina, essentially to get rid of recurring migraines that I have had for years. During the appointment we had after the initial healing from a distance, she explained the visions she had based on my photo. It was both surprising (these visions are very symbolic) and comforting. Katarina was liberating me from my past. Since then, I have reread the written transcript of her visions carefully, and their illuminating aspect makes me understand more. I feel "undone" and I have not had a migraine since. I have no idea how all this can work, and I decided it was of little importance. » Laurence (Belgien)

« My experience with Katarina Winslow as a healer has been amazing. I could never have imagined that healing could have such a positive impact on my life and how it has changed many things in my life. Thank you. » Honey (Sweden) 


« If you look for your uniqueness and full potential, Katarina could be your trigger to reveal your congruence path. Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. » Nicolas (Belgien)  


« A huge thank you to Katarina Winslow for everything you did for me. You are a wonderful person who helps others a lot on their life path. » Teodora (Belgien) 


« It is a privilege having met Katarina and having been helped to move on by that incredible light and goodness that radiates from her. It is an immense relief, and I am so happy that I dare to have trust in the process of life again. » Eva (Sweden) 


« I can tell you that whatever it is that Katarina does and however it is that she does it, it works. I crossed a bridge and found myself a calmer, happier and better person on the other side. » Peter (Scotland)


« Working with Katarina was like standing in a shower of light rays from the sun. I felt lighter and freer almost magically. I recommend her process to anyone. » Kristin (US) 


« I feel lovely since the healing. Each day I feel freer, and I have a little more desire to make the right nutritional choices to become friends with my body. I have arranged my schedule to go to the pool next week; in the meantime, I imagine myself in the water - it is delightful. Unlike before, I don't feel sad that my mother doesn't have a benevolent approach to me - that is a first! I believe that I have never met someone as kind and genuine as you. Your truth has opened me to an incredibly bright and exciting world in which I have my place — a world where the energy is infinite as if the lack no longer exist. Thank you. » Valériane (Switzerland)