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Listen to
your body.

Body Awareness

To release patterns of yo-yo dieting, or to heal from bulimia, it is crucial to have specific knowledge of how to become friends with your body. It is important to integrate all aspects of healing, both emotional and psychological, as well as nutritional to have a healthy relationship to one's body and reach a shape that you feel good in.


To understand the wisdom of the body is essential to break any negative nutritional and psychological patterns once and for all.


Bulimia and other weight issues can be resolved when you understand better your body's wisdom and the underlying wounds that keep you from having a healthy relationship with food and with your body.


Diet does not solve deeper wounds related to food. You need to go to the bottom of what is behind your strained relationship to food and your body to change your life.


I can help you with that.  


All addictions are related. Whether it be food, alcohol, shopping, sex, gambling, a relationship... We are dependent and powerless in the face of the subject of our addiction, a substance, a thing or a person. The first things to do is to limit the access to the subject of our dependence and then to silence the omnipresent voice in our heads. The forever present voice that is continuously occupied with the theme of your addiction.


To release the hold of an addiction, you need to dig in and go to the root of your suffering.


I can guide you on the path to be completely free of your addiction.


For more information, please consult the healing formula, "Addiction Release Formula." 

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