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Faith is
the miracle.

Intuitive Healing 

When you hear your soul's truth, you become aware of things that you have been carrying that you might not have been conscious of before. You gain access to healing wounded places that you might not have had access to through traditional therapy.


When I connect, to your aura at a distance in the quantum field, I 'see' your blockages. Your negative psychological patterns and your pain body appear in a psychic "healing movie", and I release you so that you may love yourself more. 


No matter where in the world you are, I connect with you at a distance to liberate you from your past. There is no distance in the soul's dimension; time and space do not exist in our spiritual selves.


Through my gift, I help you to heal at the level of your soul as your higher self knows the truth about you. 

In an intuitive healing session, I channel authentic messages directly from your all-knowing self. During the process, your psychological wounds are energetically cleansed as I connect to your aura at a distance. It is a deep, transformative and freeing process.


The process frees you energetically from that which is shown to be wounded in you and gives you more clarity about what you have been carrying. 

Whether we suffer or feel stuck, or just know that life could be more than it is, there are negative psychological patterns and energy attachments that you carry without being consciously aware of them. The negative psychological patterns and the energy attachments may either come from another person or be stagnant energy from a trauma.


The scars that you are aware of will also fade after an intuitive healing process, and you will feel less vulnerable. When the psychological wound is no longer in your aura, you no longer feel it, healing has been achieved.


When I connect to your soul's memory, I receive information from your higher consciousness.


The actual healing is performed at a distance from a photograph of your face, followed up by a conversation via Skype. The picture doesn't need to be recent.


In the post healing conversation, about a week after the healing session, we delve deeper into the meaning of the symbols appearing during the session.


In the 'seeing', I see universal psychic symbols as well as personal symbols related to your story. Your wounds are released and taken care of by the healing energy of Mother Earth. To understand where your wounds come from, helps you to find clarity to be free to be you and let go of your past.


Your soul knows that truth. Trust it.

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