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is key.


A therapy session helps you to find more clarity, especially if you are stuck in a pattern and need a process to release unhealthy attachments. In a therapy session, you have the opportunity to understand more about yourself.


I facilitate your healing by illuminating your experience. The capacity to see clearer, help you find more connections and reasons as to why you feel the way you do. To understand more about yourself is healing in itself.


Once you can see the origins of the pattern you are stuck in, it becomes easier to work through them, to transform and to let go.


When we elevate ourselves and see the connection between our behavior and our conditioning, we get access to transformation.

No matter what pattern you are stuck in, a healing conversation brings much light to your concerns and how to move forward with your life.

A therapy session lasts 1 hour and may be done via Skype or in person at Champaca - Natural Therapy Center here in Brussels.




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