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Healing + Post Healing Conversation

An intuitive healing session listens to your
soul and higher consciousness. Your soul communicates to me the wounded part of your being and how your childhood has colored your psychological patterns. This process is for you if you want to find more clarity of what is holding you back and be released energetically of your past.


1 Distance Healing +Face to face follow up conversation

From a distance, I connect to your aura and all-knowing self by visualizing a photograph of your face (the picture does not have
to be recent).

Around a week after the healing, we meet either via Skype (for people not located
in Brussels) or at;
Natural Therapy Center
227, Avenue Brugmann
1050 Ixelles  

The post healing follow-up conversation lasts around 1,5h-2h.

This process involves you sending me a photograph of your face via my e-mail.



What people are saying;

« It amazed me how Katarina can do her healing at a distance, as I live in the US. Katarina is an Empath and very gifted psychically, so it explained to me why she was able to feel and see the challenges that I was facing easily, both symbolically and literally. Everything she told me I was able to identify, and I truly felt "released" from the disharmonic feelings that were preventing me from moving forward with my life. I was so astounded by her healing ability that I booked another session for my son. His whole demeanor changed and turned around. I highly recommend her to anyone ready to feel good again. » Debra (US)

« I am amazed by the change Katarina's intuitive healing has brought about in my life. From a distance, she was able to see at soul level the hooks that kept me stuck and imprisoned in my past negative experiences and repetitive relationship patterns.
Since the healing and the follow-up conversation, many things have changed fundamentally for me: not only the way I see people whom I want to have in my life but also my life goals and general well-being and health. Feeling so much lighter, happier and stronger now, I am not searching for "pain relief" through different addictions (food and drink). I have also been astonished to realize
how quickly these changes have happened. I feel blessed for having met Katarina, and I am grateful for the light she has brought into my life. Love and light. » Mary (Finland)


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(2 months from starting date)

This process is for you if you desire to reach
a higher state of consciousness and aspire to become a spiritual master. This formula gives you the focus and opportunity to integrate more spiritual wisdom in your daily life.
The process is for you if you have been on a personal development and soul searching path, even years of therapy, but still, feel that you need to reach a greater understanding to inhabit true wisdom. The spiritual embodiment formula is for the ones who are on a quest
for a deeper spiritual understanding to be of better service to others and self.


1 Distance Healing +
Face to face follow up

2 Individual therapeutic
consultations (2 biweekly
consultations via Skype)

1 Face to face spiritual source
anchoring conversation




1 Distance Healing +
Face to face follow up conversation

We start with an intuitive healing session to release whatever still has a hold on you.
The healing will bring you more clarity and an overview of what psychological wounds you were still carrying. It will release and heal whatever you had not been able to release energetically in your therapeutic work up till
now and give you more spiritual freedom.

2 Individual therapeutic consultations 
(2 biweekly sessions via Skype)

In these two sessions, we continue the work to make sure that what came up in
the healing is implemented and anchored in your everyday life. Any difficulties and concerns will be brought up and discussed so that you see clearly where you still have sensibilities and weaknesses to be able to
live from a spiritually more conscious place. 

1 Face to face spiritual source anchoring conversation

In the closing session, we will make a synthesis
of what you have learned and anchor your wisdom so that you may live your life from the source and be a light onto yourself and others and be of better service to the world.


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(4 months from starting date)

This process is for people who have an addiction and who feel that they need to go
to the bottom of their issues and experience, to be able to heal at a deeper level.
This formula gives you the opportunity to engage in a longer process of support.
It is essential to create support and
guidance system in the process of healing from addiction.

This formula is designed to hold your hand
on the pathway to becoming free from your addictive self. This process goes deep for
you to be able to delve in and liberate and unfold any psychological wounds that
you have buried so that you may become
free of your addictive self.

1 Distance Healing + 
Face to face follow up conversation

3 weekly therapeutic consultations (via Skype)

2 bi-weekly consultations (via Skype)

1 Addiction ClosingDistance Healing +
Face to face follow up conversation




1 Distance Healing +
Face to face follow up conversation

We start by doing an intuitive healing session to unblock the addiction and give you a kick start to take the first steps away from your addictive self. With the renewed energy of the healing and a clearer understanding of yourself, you are now better placed to continue the process. The healing will bring you an overview of your deep-seated psychological wounds and inspire you to where you need to go to make your life easier and more joyful. 

3 weekly therapeutic consultations (via Skype)

After the initial intuitive healing, it is essential to have a regular and constant support system to help you in the initial phase of releasing the hold the addiction had on you. Here we will discuss any difficulties you have to make you understand more how to think, feel and be to liberate yourself from the addiction. 

2 bi-weekly therapeutic consultations 
(via Skype)

In this third phase, we space out the therapeutic sessions so that you still feel supported but have enhanced personal power to implement and live from your new place of understanding. These therapeutic sessions are gentle check-ups where you may articulate anything that is still causing you difficulties.

1 Addiction Closing Distance Healing + 
Face to face follow up conversation

We end this formula with a second intuitive healing session to make sure that we release any hold the addiction may still have on you. The second intuitive healing session will bring you even more clarity and a more profound energetic release from your old psychological patterns. The closing intuitive healing session will energetically cleanse you more from your addictive past so that you may live your life from a place free of addiction.


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