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Reflections of Light

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow reflects on

the inner and the outer

Just as there is a microcosmos of the macrocosmos, there is the outer situation's inner reality. It is like a mirror that shows your reflection as a window for you to see yourself. What you feel inside is an image of what the outer world is subtly communicating to your consciousness. Or sometimes to your lack of consciousness. You could say that the outer darkness magnifies and reflects the inner shadow self. Or in a more positive way that the outer truths call upon inner truths. There is no question that we live in a time where we feel intense external suppression of our freedom and even threats to our lives. It is like a cloud of existential insecurities that have been raining from the sky like a fear-based deluge submerging humanity. The blessing in disguise is that this awakens our inner spiritual doubts and the psychological wounds in our innermost corners. The outer world reflects and magnifies hidden inner places that we would never have the chance to highlight if the external reality had not triggered these subconscious emotional, psychological, and sometimes even physical wounds.

As an intuitive healer this past year, the noticeable mirror of the outer awakening the inner has kept me exploring the depths of the human psyche. The looking glass has rendered our inner hidden places visible through the external threats to our lives. Many people have had an inner awakening of their deepest existential fears. Fears so deep that they would have kept lingering at the back of their psyche, unnoticed in this life, and maybe even the next one. Existential issues and deep trauma are coming to the surface that would never have been dealt with if the outer world hadn't started to project fear beyond a sustainable level for our psyche. You can be angry, sad, furious, and even become mad at the outer world, shaking your inner world, but the healing blessing is that you can look at it from another angle. To wake up to be grateful for the “disguised blessing”. Know the gift to have the capacity to see. However painful, it is a gift to see all that hurts in you. And however horrific, it is a strength to know what is wrong in the world and what is wounded inside yourself as this elevates us to a new level of consciousness; because this means that profound healing is knocking at your door. The potential for personal healing is standing at the entrance of your life, like a massive rally standing at the opening gate of a new world.

No need anymore to walk through life with wounds so deep you didn't know they were running you at some levels of your life, unseen and unnoticed by yourself.

Through the outer fear, the inner fear awakens. This fear might not correlate with reality, but the intensity might feel as strong as an earthquake, as it would all collapse at any time. As if you would crack and collapse. What is happening on an individual level is that the outer darkness is reflecting the innermost traumas we have ever experienced, sometimes going beyond this incarnation to traumatic past life memories. It is as if the lens through which we see the world have brought into focus the moments we were the most vulnerable and abused, ever in the history of our soul's journey. The external threats awaken our most profound awareness; the deepest internal threats are reflected through this world's dangers, real or imagined. The mirror is showing the microcosmos of the macrocosmos.

As the world is healing from its old programs, there is a golden opportunity for us to heal from our most traumatic and ancient cell memories. As more and more lies are rooted out in the outer world, more and more wounds can be brought to light and rooted out from our psyche. Now is the time to keep our eyes open to what happens in the outer world, but more than anything, it is a breakthrough to see into our inner worlds. To look at any fear or trauma that was, before the outer world came to light, invisible to our eyes. When something starts to be stirred up in our inner world, just as things shake in the external world, we need to shed light on that which is wounded inside ourselves.

As the world reflects more and more darkness, more and more shadows become visible in our inner selves. Of course, the shadows felt in our psyche might have nothing to do with us being oppressors but more of the times, we have been the victims of an oppressive system. Still, if some things become visible, it is the universe's way to say there is something you have failed to see or know about yourself. The healing source is taking your hand to show you that a part of you needs more light, more understanding, truth, and compassion, just as the world is looking for all these things right now.

The rejection from this world might have awakened all the rejection that we have ever felt in our past. Perhaps you were abandoned in a past life and now this feeling of abandonment is universal as we are not able to see our friends. Alternatively, you have experienced betrayal, and everything you believed until this point has betrayed you. The blows to the foundations of our worldview are numerous and destabilizing, not to speak of the blows to our egos. When what you built your pride in turns out to be mere illusion, the sandcastles are falling, and you can do nothing but accept the free fall. Know that you are not alone; this is happening everywhere for us to build anew, something better, aligned with the intention for life, the authentic and the natural.

Let us embrace this reflection of our shadow selves so there can be light shed on all psychological wounds in each one of us. It is only by shedding light that humanity can heal at its very core, at all the levels of our shared humanity's individualizations. See the reflection in the mirror and embrace all that is ready to be healed in you so that light might be.

So what each one of us reflects back to the world create only reflections of light.

Let yourself shine. Let this world shine.

Live light. Travel light. Be the light.

Now is a time to go deep with the light in our inner world so that we can shed that light back to the outer world. We are the ones we have been waiting for to make this world luminescent beyond the gaze of the sun.

A new time is coming, a time of light, truth, and love. For all of us.



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