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Universal Love

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Intuitive healer and therapist, Katarina Winslow, reflects on universal love

Imagining all the lit candles on our St Valentine tables, I can't help thinking of the Swedish song that goes, "Light a candle and let it burn…”, encouraging us to come together in love. If lighting a candle and letting it burn isn't representative of love, I don't know what is. And maybe the "Let it burn…" part is more important right now than the ignition, to never extinguish the lights in our hearts. There is a candle burning inside each one of us. No matter how many layers of shaded illusions a person has collected throughout life, there is a light deep within each one of us. To safeguard that light, to never blow out the flame that is the light within in you is to protect love. To always turn your face towards the sun, to be like a sunflower. To perceive the love in life, the love in another, and the love in you. To encourage the life of the flame, and to breathe oxygen into its longevity. To treasure the joy of the fire and ignite it again and again when it gets shadowed. Love is not only a state of being, but it is also an act of benevolence towards life itself and care for self and others. It is, above all, a conscious act of safeguarding your own inner light.

And for love to be pure and definitely real, we all need to illuminate the love of life together, to magnify the radiance to a universal reach. We need to recognise the light in one another, to understand that you are me, and I am you. That is what the world is demanding of us at this time in history if we want to save humanity from its own destruction. We are asked to throw light on all that is fake, divided, dark, and corrupted. Universal love is not that much different from personal and intimate love, it is to cast a light on the shadows. In personal love and in helping a person to heal him- or herself, you start out by looking at their shadows. As a healer and a therapist, you see an emotionally and psychologically wounded person, no matter what the distress they are in, as a whole human being. You know and safeguard the circle of love that the person is, even if they themselves fail to see it. To perceive a whole and unique human being is the starting point to help a person heal. In the end, the state a person is in depends on what coloured tinted glasses they are wearing. How you feel depends on through what illusionary veil you see the world. You could say that a person's wounds are like dark spots on a beautiful unity called love.

So, as a healer, you throw light on the shadows, the dark places a person is carrying so that there is only light. When the wounded parts, the dark spots, the fear, the trauma, the separation has been enlightened, there is only love left, our essence. In psychology, just as in love, it helps to see a person as a unity of a definite whole, being aware that it is only some parts that are in the shade. A wounded person carries shadows, and the shadow-self is the fearful, the anxious, and the depressed or something else that makes loving oneself more complicated than it has to be. The shadow parts are all that is preventing a person from loving him or herself. To extend this metaphor out in the world, I believe that in today's climate, more and more people are gaining the awareness that we can't really keep our personal love just to ourselves anymore. The world needs your love, and it needs it badly, it even demands of you to spread the light of love in the dark places of our system. Looking at the world today, we can humbly accept that we all need to come together and bring whatever light we hold to the table. We are beyond the illusion that one hero, that one person only will save the world. We are stepping into the awareness that to make love conquer this world, we need to see the love in one another and let it shine as brightly as it can. Urgently, we need to bring forth all our torches for the benefit of the whole, for the benefit of humanity. We can do that by illuminating the unchallenged, the fake, and the corrupted. In favour of all that is true to nature, the life-giving, and the authentic.

It is only together that we can call forth the true, the beautiful, and the good. It is only by guarding the light in our hearts that we can let love win. Take this opportunity of St Valentine’s to deeply cherish the light within yourself and within your beloved, and at the same time, extend it outwards to become a beacon in this world. No matter what you do or where you are, there is always something that you can do to make this world a better place. Sometimes it may be an extreme act of courage calling on the fake and the corrupted, but at other times it might be in the smallest little action that you make a contribution to this world. A smile at an old lady in the supermarket, a helping hand across the street, the joy in starting a conversation with a stranger, or giving somebody flowers. Whatever you do and wherever you are, I am convinced that it is the small everyday interactions with other human beings that provide meaning to our existence. We are not made to live isolated and separated from each other, we are not even made to fight one another - that is a human construct to divide and conquer. A concept that keeps us from love itself. Love is wholeness, love is to illuminate the shadows of yourself and the shadows of our world. To help humanity heal for the world to heal, we need to spread our personal and intimate love out into our societies to make this world whole.

Remember that the original intention for life is not destruction but creation, and with all our loving lights combined, we can make that happen. Let us just take one little step for love, one small step for humanity as we keep our candles lit even brighter the darker it gets. Start by loving yourself, then your neighbor, then a foreigner, then the whole of humanity. That is how universal we need to become if we want our species to keep cherishing the gift of life. The Earth is strong and beautiful, she is hundreds and thousands of times more powerful than any man on this planet, and she will definitely survive - that is not the question. The question is, do we love ourselves enough, do we love life sufficiently to make it universal, to make saving humanity a state of the heart - a universal art.



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