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The sperm and the egg

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow offers a reflection on our conception

Published in November 2017

Imagine zooming in on the fundamentals of life through a magnifying eye. Imagine zooming in on the essence of life and the true nature of our biological conditioning to better understand humanity.

Who are we as men and women? What is it that makes us different from each other? Is the soul of our true nature to be found in the conception of life, in the sperm and the egg? Is it possible to literally zoom in on the principle of the masculine and the feminine and by doing so to move humanity to a higher ground?

I believe so. You do not have to be a biologist to know that the sperm needs to struggle, to speed and to arrive first to maintain his own life, with the aim of creating a baby, a new human. He does so, though, in both co-operation and competition with the other sperms to be able to reach his goal.

While the egg does not have to do anything, apart from drawing the sperm in when he gets close enough. Reaching his ultimate goal, the sperm tends to lose sight of his goal and wants to escape.

The egg just patiently waits quietly knowing that she has what it takes to nurture life. She is peace and immobility until she needs to act and capture the one sperm she chooses by gluing him to her.

Does this not seem very human? And close to the real-life scenario of relationships?

The chaos and imbalance we see in the world today originate from the mentality of the sperm to fight and compete his way up to the top where there is nothing to be found. Do we know that the real problem is not his ability to struggle upwards but rather that without feminine guidance he becomes lost. When the egg does not align itself with the sperm’s original plan, he goes astray, and self-destructs. Instead of fertilising the egg and being part of the creative process of generating life, he dies. And if no sperm is guided, selected and ‘glued in’, then no life is created and everybody dies.

In the big picture then, our original purpose is adrift, the sperm is lost, and the egg is failing to turn on the light?

Maybe the drop in sperm production could be explained by him being lost?

The sperm’s journey to the top has conditioned all of us, determining how we need to behave to survive in this world. But is it not also the egg’s lack of drawing the sperm towards her nurture and care that has also led us to where we are today?

We all have feminine and masculine energies inside of us. After all, we are the seed of a sperm and an egg — unified. We are increasingly aware of the need to nurture both sides of ourselves to find peace within. Intuitively, we know where evolutionary progress and peace are to be found — in unifying the masculine and the feminine principles. How do we know? The simple answer is, intuition knows, and it is according to life’s plan. Ironically, just as women have developed their masculinity competing in the business world, men have found themselves developing their femininity through stillness and mindfulness.

I told my ex-husband about the idea of the egg and the sperm and their original plan, and his answer was, ‘Yes, but it is all your fault for not providing the homecoming’. He had a good point, and I am willing to see that there are always two sides to the coin. The truth is, it is nobody’s fault or everybody’s fault. Anyway, we cannot afford to waste time on whose fault it is. We just need to work together to reverse our errors. Just as men need to bring themselves back to the original plan, we as women need to provide the guidance of the homecoming with more clarity. Women need to raise their voices of compassion and care so that man can get his compass back on track.

With clarity we find solutions. Once we understand that when the sperm does not reach his intended goal he destroys himself, we find an explanation for the chaos and destruction in the world.

Then we can also understand that the remedy is for us women to light the lighthouse demonstrating the original idea, with nurture and care.

There is nothing wrong with the sperm in itself and its struggle but it has forgotten that its goal is to create life, not to destroy it. Understanding this brings clarity to humanity and its struggles. With our authentic and natural goal being lost we have created chaos and destruction instead of life. We have lost track of how life was intended to be.

These are chaotic, transformational times in human history, and we all need to dig deep to embrace the change we want to see — and that is coming. And maybe ask ourselves, is it really the ‘brain’ of the sperm that messed everything up? Or is it the ignorance of the ‘heart’ of the egg? The feminine and the masculine holds half of humanity each, therefore we hold half of the solution each. There is no man without a mother. There is no woman without a father.

Actually, the ‘brain’ of the sperm is life giving energies aimed at targeting the ‘heart’ of the egg. Brain and heart together, the more masculine characteristic of thinking is intended to merge with the more feminine characteristic of feeling to create life.

Looking even closer, we see that both men and women need to adopt the same philosophy for our species to evolve and to not destroy ourselves. We need to embrace the same original idea, the original idea of life. Life knows life.

While the sperm swims along in his aim to create life, his target needs to be nurture and care. Otherwise, he misses the mark. Nurturing our planet, nurturing each other, nurturing both the masculine and feminine energies that reside deep inside each one of us. The target has to be questioned. We already know why the sperm competes and shoots, that is part of the essence of life.

The real question surely is, what is he shooting at?

We are all in this together.

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