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The song that is in your heart

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow  reflects on the love we can give and receive

Sometimes there is a person who crosses your path as an angel, to keep you going, to keep you breathing. A stranger, or a friend, who says or does something that lifts you up and opens a door to escape the temporary illusion you are stuck in. A friend who helps you bring forth your gift to the world. An angel is a person who helps you restore the faith in life and living, it is somebody who at the same time restores the faith in you. Like my art teacher was an angel to me many years ago when he said, “But, to ask questions is the meaning of life.” I had shared with him my concern about having too many questions, sometimes even doubting my own sanity. He added, “Only make sure you ask the right questions.”

Another precious person was the street cleaner in my neighborhood. His morning smile was the light of my day. In the moment of distress, his kindness and warmth helped me keep going. With just one smile, he made me remember that I was not alone. At that time, dark family secrets had been brought to light through my deep soul searching, and I had lost faith in just about everything. Being acknowledged by the street cleaner in the morning, I was able to reconnect with the beauty of life and the beauty in me. His smile restored my belief in the goodness in people and the joy of living. His smile was working miracles. So much so that many years later crossing his path again, I let him know that he had saved my life. He is still cleaning the same streets, nothing has changed, and his smile is still the same, too. He is loving to each and every one who is fortunate to cross his path. His exuberant joy for life reaches far beyond human apathy, and there are fountains of compassion in the depths of his eyes. It is like he is saying, “I know that you know that we are having this human experience. We are all angels here.” He reminded me of the truth that I am so much more than my physical body. He saw my soul.

The gift he gave me, I try to pass forward to the people who cross my path. That is, when I am in the mood! Joke aside, last Christmas, I was really in the mood. I was in high spirits as I went out to get some delicious food for the celebrations. Usually, when I smile at people there is some response but that day just about everybody was smiling. That day seemed different to other days; it was an extraordinary day. How come everyone I crossed paths with returned my smile a thousand times? Pondering over the fact that everyone’s heart was open, reflecting on how much more beautiful life is when you are in touch with your heart and your soul, I realised that it was because of Christmas that everybody was happy.

Why don’t we start this spring with allowing ourselves to be happy? Wouldn’t life be so much more beautiful if we made it a natural part of our daily life to smile at one another?

Often, love is to be found in the little things, in simplicity. A smile, a few words, a sentence or two, or in an acceptance or an understanding of one another. In the recognition of another human being, in seeing ourselves in each other. Love is to be found in unexpected places.

There was another man that came to cross my path at the right time, with the right message. A massage therapist hired by the company I was working for. Sensing his receptivity, I shared with him many deep revelations of my spiritual journey during a brief twenty-minute massage session. I had intuitively felt that he was open to understanding my spiritual journey. While I shared my story, he said, “Katarina, stop saying you have done this and that.” He listened attentively to all my incredible experiences before he said, “It’s not over yet, you need to keep going. You know, the second part of life can be much better than the first part.” I had searched for so long, and I had found so many answers that there were no more questions about who I am. I had peacefully found myself in, “The less I define myself, the more I am.” But I had given up on what to do with my answers and my intuition: to give back what I had learned, to be of service to others and to the world. The guidance of the massage therapist gave me a gentle push forward just when I needed it, right on time. He shone a light on a continuous path in front of me when I was tempted to hibernate. Thanks to this man and his wise words, I shrugged off the belief of being accomplished and kept walking on my mission to help others. A gentle push when I had stagnated in the belief that there was nothing more to be done.

Magically, sometime later, another angel appeared, this time from the other side of life. This angel was my dear friend, a friend from my youth in Sweden, with whom there had been an understanding beyond the visible realm. A silent understanding of who we were. His amazingly creative mind and mine understood each other. His hungry heart and mine were connected in the longing for something beyond the tangible, something larger than life. A secret understanding of being creators, of imagining, of loving the fun in life. We cherished ‘the word’ together and the big spaces in between the words too. Laying on my bed one Sunday morning, thinking about the beauty of our connection, I was wondering what he would say to me now when he was gone. Now, when he knew how it was on the other side of life. I had just the time to think the thought when I heard his voice whispering, “Katarina, write that song.” “What song?”, I asked him.

He simply answered, “The song that is in your heart.”

In this one simple phrase, he had given me the key to life, the key to my happiness. I cherished the essence of his message as I went inward to the centre of my heart to find my answers. In its simplicity, he had just given me the most precious gift ever, to listen to what you really want. To find what you really came here for in the first place, to know your mission and to live from that place. To not live a substitute life, the one that will do, but to live the one you are passionate about, the one you were destined for. It does not have to be anything breathtaking but just being completely true to yourself. What do you love? What can you do for free at seven in the morning and at midnight knowing and feeling that you are in your element? That is your song.

To do that, we all need angels to see and reaffirm who we are, to see our gifts, to believe in us.

What is your gift to the world?

This spring, believe in the song of another, and write the song in your own heart. That is the true meaning of love, and then you will be love, and all the love will be yours.

Find your gift, write your song, and our hearts will be love. Together.


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