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The cosmic you

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Intuitive healer and therapist, Katarina Winslow reflects on our infinite being

Did you know that your body and all other matter are made of almost 99,999% of empty space? We are energy in motion, e-motion. Nikola Tesla said it already in 1942, 'If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.' In recent years there has been an increasing awareness of our own contribution to our destiny, by various manifestation techniques. The latest research in epigenetics shows that it is our environment that creates our destiny. Genetics is just a small part of who we are. We are created continuously and 'recreated' by our environment. The recreation part only happens, of course, if we change something in our lives. If we live tomorrow as yesterday of course nothing will change. It is the law of cause and effect. We now know that it is our consciousness, or lack of it that creates our reality. To make things real, to manifest a dream, a new job, or love in your life we are learning that if we can feel it, we can be it, and have it. The secret to a return on investment from the universe is based on your capacity to enter the quantum realm and dissolve into the cosmic you. It is when we go through the eye of the needle and dissolve into the quantum field, that we become the nothingness of timelessness, the no space, the vacuum of it all. The cosmic you, the limitless and self-created version of your most divine self. It is in this field that the infinite possibilities of a life worth living exist, and when you are there you need to ask for what you want by feeling like you already have it. If we could all take an uncharted trip into the unified field and make our wishes come true, we could save ourselves individually and collectively.

The scientific concept of ‘no time’ is not a delusion of an ecstasy trip but as real and imaginable as the earth we live on. It is just as real as we are living in an infinite universe while exhaling our yoga breaths. The movement of stillness and the stillness of movement is part of our lives, whether we want to think about it or not. Just as timelessness is. The fact that you can feel the energy of a person that is walking in the room five, ten, or even twenty meters away is just because there is a space where time is not. To feel the energy of another person across a room is because your soul travels through the invisible dimension of the quantum field. In the blink of an eye, you come back to you, to inform you whether you are in harmony with another person or not. This is as evident as you can travel hundreds of thousands of kilometres in no time with a twitter feed in a digital world. This is simply the reality of human nature and how we are created as these superpowers belong to your soul. We have all had a 'hunch' at a distance at some time, meeting someone we have never seen before. With our intuition and the soul's existence in the quantum field, instinctively we know if we like someone or not. This is because the soul senses things in the invisible gap between tangible matters.

Thinking out loud, there is one thing I am sure about, and that is that there are more dimensions in the universe than we as mortal humans, and immortal souls can imagine. Some people keep relying solely on reasoning and down to earth approaches while we are floating on Mother Earth in the universe. Stars in the sky, the sun above our heads, the empty space of you and me are made 'real'. When you really think about it, life seems to be a divine constellation. Can you touch the air between your fingers? Can you smell the stars in the sky? Can you jump off the earth and be received in the cosmic realm? Can you dig deep into the center of the earth and feel the heat of the burning fire? Can you touch the soul of another? I believe the most evident, yes, is to touch the soul of another or the heart for that matter. And where does this intuitive knowledge happen? Do you reach in and touch the heart of another? No, it is all happening in the nothingness of the timeless dimension of the soul. In the cosmic realm, in between all and nothing, in the eternal dimension of no matter. It is when we welcome the reality of our energetic beings that we really meet each other, in truth, love, and beauty. It is where we communicate without words, and in between the words. It is also here that we can be touched by the requisite beauty of an extraordinary piece of art. Nothingness and timeless space, the no-time, is the field where we feel ecstasy and bliss. When we feel happy, we feel connected beyond the tangible, it is here that we find ourselves, as long as we refrain from dissecting and analyzing, This spring, as we are faced with more and more threats to our wholeness, let us fight gravity and connect with our cosmic selves. Let us unite is the truth that we are all part of the global consciousness. Let us first fight separation and fear-based energies inside ourselves, then go beyond ourselves so that we can help limit the threats to our psychological health. The fear of others is removing us further and further away from our cosmic selves as we are tensing up in tangible matter. Now more than ever can we only flourish if we transcend the limitations of what we have been taught. We would all help humanity by entering the evident reality of our being and our 'super beings'. We need to connect with the transcendental part of ourselves, the beauty of existence. We need to lose ourselves to nothingness to become all the love that is available in the centre of me, and you, and the universe. To enhance our passion for life and our love for all that is living. It is only by aligning to the most beautiful part of ourselves that life really makes sense. It is when we are in intricate osmosis with our soul that we know the full power of the wisdom of our heart. As we merge with the common heartbeat of humanity. As one breathes, and one loves. As unified cosmic beings in a dual reality, it is hard to stay in tune with the dimension we came from. But it is the only reason for being here because we are here to be love and to be loved.


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