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The beauty of life

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow  reflects on the beautiful

Published in October 2018 #92

I would like to talk to your soul, the soul of this world, and the beyond.

The place where we get to touch the untouchable, where we get a glimpse of eternity. The breathless moments of our existence. The night walk on the beach or the smile of a baby.

The soft wind that is caressing my cheeks while I am walking down the street. The feeling of my hair touching my shoulders, softly and gently making me aware of my body. To feel the energies in my hands tapping on the keyboard. To listen to my own breath. To be here, to fully exist as I feel that I am truly alive.

To feel the water slipping through my fingers as I wash my hands. To absorb the aroma of the evening dinner moving through the invisible space. To feel the heat of a warming bonfire, and the chill of a winter bath. To laugh with the one that knows. To just be walking each other home. To squeeze the drops out of each moment, to look for the comical, the fun and the completely absurd. To welcome the thrill of an expansion in my understanding, to teach and to keep learning. To question the answers, and to answer the questions. To be still in the movement and to move with the stillness. To embrace the joy of knowing I could be you. To feel that you see me in the unspoken places. To comprehend the generosity of giving to exist, and the gratitude of receiving to make you feel alive. The joy of the touch, and the mystery of communion. The cleansing tears and the joy of feeling at home. The perception of the soul of the horse, and the mystery of animals healing human suffering. The leap into something new, the discovery of another me. To be surprised by the ones you know and to safeguard the importance of time shared. The freedom in bonding, and the loyalty of being there. To fly high and to dig deep. To know that you don’t know. To embrace the zero and the infinite. To know that I am all and nothing, at the same time. To make a mistake and forgive. To be great in humility. To cherish the space between the words, and to hear what is not said. To encourage and to celebrate. To be grateful for seeing me in you. To know that you know that I know. To perceive the center of the eye, the miraculous point where all is still. To the expanded awareness of the universe. To the breathless. To the magical and the true. To the authentic. The dissolving of a dogma and the beauty of truth. The tiredness of separation and the enthusiasm of togetherness. The uniqueness of a smile and the warmth of the sun. The knowledge of wisdom and the truth of silence. The consistency of change and the synchronicity of meetings. The stubbornness of an argument and the freedom of acceptance. The surrender of a fear for freedom, to conquer the joy of pain dispersed. The arrival of compassion beyond anger and the tears that bring us peace. The simplicity in rebirth and the struggle before it happens. The wonder of now and the presence of eternity. The vastness of a drop in the ocean of waves. The microcosms of the macrocosms of all that is. This time, this moment and the past that belongs to now. The future that has already happened. The layers of our illusions and the piercing of a veil. The energy of chaos and the truce of simplicity. The opening to something more and the knowing that you already are. The eternal of this moment and the fleeting passages of time. The genius of time as an illusion, and the quantum leap of proof. The awesomeness of banality and the exquisite in a breath. The ecstasy of a glimpse into the eternal, and the peace of nothingness. To the absolute, the infinite and the unlimited. To the simple wonder of existence.

To know that the book about life has gone on forever in the Universe, beyond time and space and touch. To feel eternity at the bottom of your aching soul. To be where time and measuring have no space, to exist where all is, encompassing and beautiful.

Thank you life for the beauty that you are. Thank you divinity for your guidance, and for your embrace. And more than anything, thank you life for being of service to that which is beautiful, the beauty of the soul and for a life of meaning.

To recognize the creative force, guiding us to the source. To be in a place of communion with the highest, the absolute, the infinite and the beyond. To see the absolute and the pure. To find beauty where that beauty finds us. To let our hearts be touched in the invisible spaces where we are healed and united. To be where the divine merges with you. To let your soul merge with yourself and the other.

To embody the endless and the eternal, to be at home. To breathe and embrace. To be in the realm of the magical. To feel the beauty in you become the beauty in me.

To be on a mission to create and to explore what life is. To explain and to bless. To the intelligence of life that heals. To the helper and the receiver. To hold in awe the experience of life, filling the human existence with meaning and joy. To go beyond what is defined. To welcome the opening of our hearts to another drummer. To look each other in the heart where we know the truth. To feel the immensity of beauty.

To the universal that has no borders, no frontiers, no exclusion and no agenda. To feel the all-encompassing and to touch the measureless. To be the light that illuminates and heals this world. To be the heart that expands. To see.

Thank you life and thank you Mother Earth, the most beautiful, the most loving, and the strongest of us all. Our unconditional Mother and the source of our life. Here. Thank you.

Let us all be grateful.


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