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Is this true?

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow  reflects on a fundamental question

Is this true? To ask for more truth is essential in healing yourself, solving a problem and in finding innovative solutions. Truth is the surest way to find more answers to a discordant state of mind, a problematic situation or a chaotic world. This fundamental question about what is real is part of Byron Katie’s meditation practice, ‘The work.’ Is this true?, is a question that changes perspectives, reveals new answers and allows you to see things differently. Most often when we are feeling stuck there is a blind spot somewhere, there is something that we have failed to understand about ourselves, the other or a situation. By digging deeper into our beliefs about ourselves and asking more questions about what we believe is true, we open up to see things in a new light, and we may let go of the thought, feeling or psychological state that kept us in the dark.

In the same spirit, Ayn Rand said already in 1947 in her philosophical system ‘Objectivism’ that all evil comes from the absence of thought. Let us face the truth, in any group, politics or dogma there is in general a huge part of absence of thought. The system we have created with separation and belonging to different groups, and political structures, comes with a massive blind spot. And the blind spot is that once we belong to something exterior to ourselves, an organization, religion or other dogma we stop thinking, stop questioning. A Course in Miracles, a unique spiritual self-study program designed to awaken us, is getting to the same core problematic by saying, ‘I am willing to see this differently.’ To be able to ask more questions and to see things differently is a psychological reality for personal healing. It is when we ask questions that we find answers.

In these times the same holds true for global healing, we need to step out of the unspoken laws of any structure, and all ask ourselves more questions about truth.

Just as in personal healing you need to be fearless in your search for truth because truth is always the answer. The macro cosmos of our micro cosmoses reflects the same reality. To heal society, we need to get to the truth. Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” This universal truth is especially relevant if something is created based on a lie. When deceived or manipulated, you will never find an answer by analyzing the degree of deceit or manipulation; there are no answers in the degree or the nuance of a lie. The answer is in going beyond the myth. Just as in personal development and self-healing, we need to go deeper and look at the motivations that created a set of beliefs. In personal healing, by going deeper, we find many unexpected answers, and we finally arrive at the motivation, protection, or illusion that made us feel the way we do to untie the knots of our illusionary selves.

We live in a system based on righteousness instead of truth. To be able to take your place and make a mark in this world, you should be 100% right, which means that you should refrain from asking questions. If you are a hundred percent right, there is no need to ask questions because you are inhabiting the absolute position of belonging to a clan, group, political party or dogma. Pushing it further it means that even if the fundamental belief is wrong, immoral, unproductive, destructive, untrue or you refrain from finding a solution, you still need to firmly and surely keep the position of righteousness.

Righteousness is the essential origin of the problems we are facing in the world today.

To be a hundred percent sure of anything is dangerous. It is critical for the simple reason that you stop thinking, you stop searching for the truth. In personal psychology, this is just as dangerous. If you believe it to be true that you are worthless and that your life has no meaning, you might one day end up taking your own life. Of course, the thoughts that you held for real were very far from the truth.

Staying attached to being a hundred percent convinced by your own thoughts and illusions about yourself, you will end up in a destructive place.

We may take any belief and see that if we believe it is hundred percent true and we leave no room for questioning, we will sooner or later end up in a destructive place, and that is what has happened to the world. We have ended up in much planetary destruction, violence, corruption, and righteousness because we have gone along with what we have been told and stopped thinking. Now it is time to listen to the masters that came before us and hear what they were saying, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

You might not solve righteousness with more righteousness.

You may not find a solution by being a hundred percent right in whatever your belief is, because it is your belief that created the problem in the first place. Just as with the suicidal girl, it was not by finding out how worthless she was and to what degree her life was meaningless that she would find a solution. It was by questioning her fundamental belief that she would find a solution. It was by asking, is this true?

It is time for us to wake up from our slumber of righteousness and step into asking ourselves if things are true, right or real? Just as with the suicidal girl it was not true that she was worthless and that her life had no meaning. What was true was that she was not able to see herself clearly as she had by her conditioning being kept away from the truth about how wonderful she was. She hadn’t had enough love in her life to be able to be herself and see her profound nature. In the future, it is asked of us to look deeper and to look beyond any belief, dogma or political inclination and leave more room for questions.

Is this true?

Where did this idea stem from? Who is the winner in this? In whose interest was this idea formed? The most important question is, is this true to who I am? To ask more questions and not to have to be a hundred percent sure of anything, to leave room for new thoughts, new ideas and new solutions is our next challenge. Let us all leave room for new truths and innovative solutions by asking ourselves one question.

Is this true?



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