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Going beyond the Myth

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow reflects on

the myth of ONE hero

It would be fair to suggest that we have all, at one point or another, been swept away by the fiction where we identify with the ONE hero saving the world, only to just as quickly abandon the idea that it could be you.

Although exhilarating, it seemed pompous, even unreal, and out of reach for you to play the lead in the fairytales of our conditioning.

In these earth-quaking times, shaking our beliefs to the core, I would like to reflect on ONE hero's, or one heroine’s, ancient saga. As more truths are emerging about what has been going on behind the scenes, we come to understand that it was never about one man or one woman, neither destroying nor saving this world.

What has this belief done to us psychologically and collectively?

Isn't it something worth questioning?

What if the old story of one bad man, or one good woman for that matter, or the opposite, has kept us from speaking our truth? Is it that the myth of ONE hero is so deeply ingrained in our minds that we don't even begin to take the first step to participate in the change of a new paradigm?

We are at the dawn of understanding that the system we still live in has coloured our belief system far beyond anyone's wildest imagination. To instill in us the idea that ONE hero will save the world, and save us, has built up a wall against our own personal and collective power.

Pushing it further, it has subversively made us believe that the heroic is one man's job, subtly making us think that we will have to take on the protagonist's role and be ready to be alone in this world if we want to speak up.

Really, who wants to be a hero if that is what is at stake?

You against the world doesn't seem to be a very comfortable seat to occupy. Where is the glory in being solitary when human life is about connection and bonding? We are group creatures, thriving and surviving through relationships, communication, and contact with other people. And then we have been made to believe that the most honourable thing, the absolute pinnacle of it all, is to be a hero, all alone.

Do you see the irony?

The myth has already defeated itself by its construction.

The ideal position to hold is against all true human inclination.

Nobody wants to stand alone at the top if they are true to their heart and soul. Because nobody wants to be disconnected from their fellow human beings when it is in kinship that happiness is to be found.

When you know that you are a wave in the collective consciousness, and you also know that you are the ocean, you have no desire to be the biggest wave in the world, or the entire universe for that matter. You solely want to be free to feel the ocean inside you and around you, appreciating and celebrating the sea in your soul companions on the journey called life.

The belief in One hero has created a huge gulf between us, keeping us from joining forces, and strengthening our collective integrity in our quest for truth and honour. Beyond all, it has kept us separate from the reality that we all need each other.

Your contribution is deemed useless if you are not the hero portrayed in the old myth.

If you are not willing to stand up and go against the entire system, however, there is no point in speaking up.

Now is the epic time to go beyond the old myth and 'cleanse' our minds, souls, and hearts of any beliefs of that kind. Because however powerful the system is or was, there are many beliefs to sustain it, and we have all digested some ideas that are not in our best interest, nor in the best interest of humanity.

In a way, you could say that our thoughts colour our world, and now we are on the brink of more and more people waking up to another colour palette.

In this new graduation of colors, we need to understand what made us go along with the status quo since the beginning of time, and recognize that the one hero myth has been a significant factor in keeping the world as it is, for far too long.

The truth is we are all in this together, and the tired old tale of one person saving us has to fade away. Now is the time we need to root out our ancient worldview and embrace the new, the untethered, and the catharsis of humanity.

When the world is shaking, shake your convictions, and then come up refreshed and inspired to contribute with your unique gifts to this world.

To do so, we need to abandon the myths ruling us on a subconscious level. Now is the ideal time to step up and realise that there is no one hero or one heroine, but we are all heroes and heroines for the global awakening, and that is how it should be because we are one humanity, here to connect.

The epic shift in human consciousness is just about that; all our contributions to a more natural, saner, and beautiful world.

How many of us haven't kept our thoughts to ourselves and our hearts on the back seat of what is right, genuine, and honest just because the world is the way it is, and it is beyond our power to do something about it because we are not the hero or the heroine of a saga.

Know that the winds have changed, and the mere fact of speaking your truth is a gift to this world. We are all micro cosmoses of the macro cosmoses.

The time of competition, lies, and manipulation is fading out, and with that, we need to also dismantle the myths.

The myth about one hero saving this world should cease to exist as all of us collectively become the hero of our own lives and the heroes of the world around us.

Let us individually spread circles of heroic acts on to the ocean of the collective mind. Don't stop at the myth; instead, begin to let your contribution raise humanity to a new level of life and living.

Let us take our mind beyond the tale of one hero. Take our mind beyond the ancient sagas of an imperfect world.

We are all heroes and heroines in the quest for a new humanity.

Expand your heart to the idea that you are part of it.

Let us rise from the ashes of the outdated by participating in changing the world for the better. Let us embrace another myth, the saga of you and me and your neighbour hand in hand being the principal characters and the heroes and heroines of the world we want to see.

Let us not do it alone but together, collectively, enthusiastically, and stoically. It is the moment for us to be heroes and heroines collectively onto ourselves and for this world.

Let us move above and beyond the myth.



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