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A new year, a new understanding

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow reflects on the psychology of communication

Imagine that we could go beyond what is said and access the hidden essence of what we are really communicating?

As a healer, I believe that the words we pronounce come from our own inner experience.

With a new year and a new beginning, would it not be wonderful if we could also expand our comprehension of each other, in a new way? Understand more about how and why we communicate as we do. To hear what we really say.

In the Bible, it says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” As a spiritual person, I believe we are all Gods and Goddesses.

What is the true meaning of this phrase? Could we find God in our words? Are we all in our words?

We all know that we live in the universe, meaning all together, all in one. Uni means ‘one’; what if the verse was relating to a line of poetry, a line of writing? Does that mean that we all write the one song that is life, by and through our words?

Looking beyond the words to the person pronouncing them, we often understand more. We find clarity in confusion, and comprehension where there was none. Could we all stretch ourselves anew and start to see what is beyond that which is said? To ask ourselves, who is talking? Who is this person? Where is his or her pain or frustration? How does life appear inside of these words?

I become more and more aware of the fact that people communicate about themselves, about their preoccupations, their frustrations, their wounds and their understanding of this reality, called life. My job, which I love, is to bring people back to themselves. To gently lead them back on track when they are led astray by outside influences or by their own inner insecurities and unconscious patterns.

Many people feel lost and confused due to what other people communicate to them. I often hear things other people have said about my clients. The recommendations and judgments are endless, and it seems like sentences are repeating themselves. When I have a soft, kind, transparent and innocent woman saying, “My partner says I’m evil, egocentric and that I’ll be punished for my sins”, I see through the illusion of the spoken word. My warning bells ring loudly, and I understand that the words of the partner, in fact, reflect his own inner reality. What comes out of his mouth is what his subconscious or higher self knows to be true about him and not the reality of the person targeted for his inner world. A conscious and wise part of him knows that he is all that which he says, the part of him that would like him to change and see the beauty in life. But another part, the unconscious pattern, refuses to face the truth and projects the inner turmoil outwards onto other people.

Projection is nothing new and has been widely studied, but have we really integrated the deep psychological truth into our daily lives? When somebody says to you, “Why do you always have to be so difficult?”, we should weigh up who he is talking about. After being the one to reject a hug or show some tenderness, he is, possibly, subconsciously expressing his own limitations of being tender and amenable.

If we switch on our radar and narrow the beam of light, will we then be able in this New Year to look beyond what is said and understand the true meaning of what people are communicating? Another client, who is struggling with addictions, recently became defensive when I confronted her in her denial. This is, by the way, quite a common response for somebody stuck in an addiction. But it is actually not the person who is defensive, but the addiction that wants to keep its place and power over the addicted person. When I made her understand that she was talking about herself, she answered, “The one who says it, is it. It’s as old as the hills. That’s what we used to say in the playground. Come on, I’m not a three-year old, I’m a bit more mature than that.” Is she, are we?

This saying is so simple and so mainstream that we have forgotten its importance. I would like to suggest that it holds the same wisdom and truth as the word ‘uni verse’. We are one with our song, we are one with our words.

Would we better be able to evolve humanity if we could listen a bit more, if we could only hear a bit more and not take anything personally? Could we open our senses to one another and stop buying into the face value of the word? Could we go beyond what is said and go to the source, to the origin of the idea or the frustration?

When we understand each other more, we are better placed for life-enhancing growth. Then our common consciousness will move forward in giant leaps.

And we need these giant leaps NOW, in 2018, and that we all take them.

This is my wish for the New Year, the wish for all people who love life. If we truly knew ourselves, we would know that we are creators of this world, together.

When we understand more, we gain access to the possibility of releasing unconscious patterns and transcend the illusions that people are projecting onto each other.

Then we would hear when somebody says, “You are judging me” that they really are saying, “I am judging myself.” With this understanding, I would like to wish you all a Truly Happy 2018 from the depths of my heart to the heights of our common mind, and our common word.

Let us be conscious that we are the mind of the uni verse.

In 2018, let us evolve and expand our minds.


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