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A Kind Heart

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow

reflects on kindness

What is it that keeps your life going without any demands or conditions? What is there, whether you are demanding, uncooperative, envious, angry, sad, powerful or defeated? When you look closer, it is your own heart that is your most loyal companion on this road called life. Even though we rarely or never give our heart any attention or gratitude, it keeps beating through thick and thin. Through all the storms and pleasures life can contain.

What then are the qualities of the heart? If you imagine your own heart as a person in your life and gave it some characteristics, you would find loyalty. Loyalty to life, to keep going and for your body to keep living. But there is more than commitment in something that asks for nothing but gives everything. We say generous at heart; a heart is generous and above all it is kind.

The most exceptional quality of your heart is its kindness. The kindness of no judgment, no exception and no exclusion, it just keeps pulsating, in a kind way.

How come then that kindness is derided in our society, and that it is more acceptable to be stepping on other people to arrive at the top than to be kind and compassionate. How come that the people who ignore the gratitude of their heart have managed to gain control of most of the territory in our world. The qualities furthest away from the essence of life are the qualities that are favoured in order to get a work promotion. We all know by now that there is something fundamentally wrong in the way our society is designed. It used to be derided to be kind, it would be considered naive and, in some cases, plain dumb. Why did we buy into this lie when our pure essence is the embodiment of kindness? You don’t need to be Einstein to understand that life-enhancing qualities, such as loyalty, kindness, generosity, and compassion, are beautiful. You don’t need to be exceptionally skilled at anything to see that our societies lack empathy. Could it be that this is where we completely missed the mark? Of course, for people who indulge in fear, conflict, power, and separation there is not much we can do apart from waiting for them to wake up from the slumber of missing the mark of their essence - the kindness of their heart. Even if you have taken a road off track, your heart knows the path; listen to it.

For the others, the ones who feel they do not have a place in this world due to their kind and soft heart, I would say that now is the time to open it, even more. Make it resonate beyond the exterior chaos. Make your heart beat even louder so that more and more people dare to take the path of kindness because it is kindness that will eventually save us. In a dark and troubled world, we need more kind people, we need more caring people, we need more compassionate people. We need to get back to the essence of what it means to be human, and what it means to be kind. We need to be there for each other, and we need to be there for Mother Earth. We need to remember our hearts and their qualities, and we need to see that these qualities are the essence of our existence on this planet. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the sun we gaze at and the flowers we smell they have the same qualities as a great heart. The sun inhabits the loyalty of our essential nature, mother earth, so embrace the kindness of the heart, and remember that the air keeps filling our lungs no matter how much we pollute it.

That is the new challenge we are up against, to find our way back to our essence, to the original plan of life. And if you are lost, you don’t have to travel very far; it is a short road, but the critical path for humanity to meet the current challenges we are up against. You don’t have to travel to another continent or climb Kilimanjaro, you just need to go thirty centimetres inwards and upwards. You only need to take the essential leap from your brain to your heart. It is only thirty centimetres, so you can do it. It is in the heart that we will find the answers that we are all looking for. It is there that we will see beauty, humanity, compassion, care, and kindness. It is there within you that you will find the answer and the world will find its salvation.

You might ask how you would be able to do this? The answer is to heal yourself so that you remember your essence. Once healed, you may march to a different drum, the drum of your essential nature. When you remember who you are, you see the love in you. Because love is what you are. So, don’t let anybody tell you anything else.

If you listen to the core - the generosity and the kindness of your own heart - you will know what is true, no matter what is going on in the outer world. Listen so carefully that you will see that kindness is the answer. To believe that goodness is weak when a heart is kind is illogical. It is even more absurd when we realise that the heart is the vital organ for any life form. Just as the earth is the most important organism for our survival, even though it is mistreated, it still allows us yet another day, through the infinity of the universe and her abundant nature - in the same way, the heart keeps us alive. Without the abundance of nourishment that the earth provides for humans and animals, life would not be possible. The earth is kind to give us everything we need.

The heart is kind to keep you alive.

Be kind, considerate and caring, and then, in the end, everything will be fine. You will see that everything that we have been made to believe moves far away from our essential nature. If we can all stay in our hearts, together we may be the change we are looking for. Know your essential nature, and know that the heart is kind because no matter where you are, what you do, or how you feel it keeps beating.

Let us all stay kind.



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