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Heal your soul by listening to its intuitive answers.


Your soul knows the truth about you. 

Your soul and your higher consciousness know everything
you have experienced. To have access to the all-knowing part
of you, is the most effective way to heal yourself.


From a distance, by looking at a photograph of your face,
I communicate with your soul, revealing the psychological wounds
that you carry for them to be released.

Through the help of my intuition and creative imagination,
I give your psychological pain to Mother Earth.


With my healing gift, I see the mental patterns and conditioning
that are behind your physical, emotional and psychological pain.


During the healing process, there are experiences such as rebirth,
liberation from unexplainable physical and emotional suffering, freedom from
your past and detachment from negative attachments.


Intuitive healing gives you the freedom from your past
that you are seeking and a sense of being more you.



Enlightened Blessings,


Katarina Winslow

Heal your soul with
intuitive energy healing.

+32 486 358 187


I could never have imagined what an impact 
an intuitive healing session with Katarina could have had on me.
A truly life-changing experience that is difficult

to put into words. I am eternally grateful to Katarina
and could not recommend her any higher.

Laura Mc Grath


 © 2020 Katarina Winslow

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