A fascinating read for anyone interested in understanding
themselves better. Katarina gives us a glimpse into the spiritual world of unity and wholeness and guides us there.

Eye (I) -
The Healing
of a Healer.

Eye (I) - The Healing of a Healer.jpg

Katarina Winslow promised the universe to write a book at the age of 18 years old when she had her first awakening experience. This is her first book, telling the story of her life and how she came to 'see' the wounds that people are carrying in a psychic healing language.


From a young age, Katarina felt that she did not belong, that she could not find her place in this world. As an ‘old’ child, she resided on the outside taking the observer’s seat. Her eyes and her third eye have always been her unique companions to cope with human life.

A narcissistic stepfather, sexual abuse and years suffering from bulimia were just some of the challenges that she faced that led her to question human psychology at a profound level. As a child she unconsciously entered people’s auras to rest in their beautiful center, seeing only the beauty of their soul.  


This book is for anybody, who is interested in raising their consciousness and who are curious about healing and spirituality. 

 © 2020 Katarina Winslow. 

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